What some chicks in Nanaimo recieve for giving head. Sometimes the Nickle is merely given as an act of charity if one happens to like the song on the radio.
"I have a nickle, which one of you wants to suck my dick?"

"Shizzle My Nizzle FOr a Nickle Mrs.Fizzle?"
by GEORGE FUCKING BUSH! March 23, 2003
Uhhhhhhh......don't you people know that it's spelled NICKEL? No wonder everyone fuckin' flunked the ISTEP. It's a slang term of endearment among african-americans.
What's up my nickel?

20 nickels mades a saggy pocket. Oh, and it makes a dollar too.
by J-Ro March 07, 2005
1. Ultimately Useless Chairman if any kind of committee
2. Small Angry Dwarf on Speed.
3. Nicky's Spooning Partner
4. Ex-stoner who clam\ims to be able to roll a joint in under 7 seconds. I believe him.
Goddamn Nickle, Why didn't you get those mardifockin recquisitions from the SRC


Oh Jesus, who gave nickle the TV Bar with Guarana in it? look how fucking Hyper he is!!


Oh God, are Nicky and Nickle fucking AGAIN?
by Lexy October 21, 2003

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