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also know as wanna have fun when two people have some "fun" usually sex or some sort of sexual activity
Boy-Let's have some fun tomorrow

Girl- Anytime
by Chikis777 March 20, 2009
The area code of the city Visalia in California 559 or Nickle Nickle Nine
Hey where are you from?

Nickle Nickle Nine or Visalia

by Chikis777 March 14, 2009
The way people give you there house or cellphone numbers. Its the way they give you their phone number order in a way you understand it or you dont.
Guy1= Hey can i have your number

Guy2= Yeah its 55-5-9-12-3-456 (<- no phone rythm)

2nd example

Guy= Hey can i have your number

Girl= Yeah its (123)-456-7890 (<- good phone rythm)
by Chikis777 July 15, 2009
When a guy has to jack off because the

girl doesn't want to suck his dick or

give him a hand job and she will only

swallow his cum after he's done
Guy- Hey babe will you give me a blow job

Girl- No, how about a semi job
by Chikis777 May 11, 2009
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