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Nanaimo or Nomindo or Nanaim-hole is a small provincial city on Vancouver Island where people dreams go to die. That is, if those people ever had dreams other that owning things like cars/trucks, atv's or flat screen TV's. It's a a city where people have just enough intellectual curiosity to get themselves into VIU or "high school on the hill", to complete a course to get a "good Job"or "that's good money!" as a personal trainer or yoga instructor. Nanaimo presently has more personal trainers and yoga instructors per capita than any other city in British Columbia and remarkably makes up 19% percent of it's economy. The rest of the city's economy is made up in retail in it's shopping or strip-malls.

Some of the interests of a Nanaimoite is of course - Yoga, smoking weed, gossip, backstabbing, walking around Wood-Grove Center like a zombie and creating coalitions to oust people who threaten their insular world views.

Historical sites include The Bastion and a chunk of coal in the downtown area.
God help us all we're in Nanaimo.
by Bauldaire December 28, 2013
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Nanaimo (na 'nai mo),

is the second largest city on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. It has been dubbed the "Bathtub Racing Capital of the World" and "Harbour City". Nanaimo is also sometimes referred to as the "Hub City" because of its central location on Vancouver Island, and being the main ferry connector between Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

Nanaimo is about 55 km west of Vancouver, separated by the Strait of Georgia, but directly linked to Vancouver via BC Ferries. By virtue of its proximity to Vancouver, Nanaimo is the gateway to many other destinations both on the island — Tofino, Campbell River, Comox Valley, Port Alberni, Rathtrevor Provincial Park — and off its coast — Newcastle Island, Gabriola Island, Valdes Island, and many other of the Gulf Islands.

Nanaimo began as a trading post in the early 1800s; in 1849 the Snuneymuxw chief Ki-et-sa-kun ("Coal Tyee") informed the Hudson's Bay Company of the presence of coal in the area, and in 1853 the company built a fort known as the Nanaimo Bastion (still preserved). Subsequently the town was chiefly known for the export of coal. The 1887 Nanaimo Mine Explosion killed 148 miners and was the largest man-made explosion until the Halifax Explosion. In the 1940s, lumber supplanted coal as the main business, although Minetown Days are still celebrated in the neighbouring community of Lantzville.

Malaspina University-College's beautiful and scenic main campus is located in Nanaimo, which brings many international students to the city. The school is also renowned for its music programs.

Notable Persons from Nanaimo:

Cameron Bright, Child actor
Kim Cattrall, Actress
Justin Chatwin, Actor
Glen Clark, Politician
Diana Krall, Jazz pianist and singer

Joe: "You still living in Campbell River?"

Simon: "Nope, moved to Nanaimo."
by Cody Murray October 02, 2006
A city in British Columbia , Canada on Vancouver Island. Second biggest city on the island. Throughout the city is really nice with beaches and such as you would expect on an island. A great place for old RETIRED people all throughout. Very boring place with only ONE good mall you get bored of after the 20th visit.

On another note many wannabe's and kids that are just flat out faggots. Those who live there know who they are. Just think of a group of kids who run their mouth because they haven't heard of a place where you get your ass kicked for talking shit. Also they think they're the bomb because they fuck 1 of the only 10 hot girls in town which are down right ugly. If you moved from a bigger city in CA to here you will regret it and think it is absolute shit which it is to say the least. Up north you have your rich spoiled mouthy talking kids whose parents cradle them. More south is the ''ghetto'' located close to the university where low come housing is clearly apparent. Then everywhere through is merely average.

City lacks diversity. A lot live here for jobs or just a cheap place to finish schooling. If you are an upbeat person and like to live an average lifestyle where you actually see and talk to normal people on the island .. try living in Victoria
" Hey theres nothing to do in this bullshit of a town. Let's get drunk or smoke some weed! "

" I'm a real pussy but since no one will show me my place in life I'm going to think I'm hard up! "

" Wanna hang out? .... and do what? ... remember we are in nanaimo "

" This is a fuckin nice scenic place but too bad theres nothing to do here "

" *Sees oriental or someone of non-caucasian descent*Omg call 911 , I just seen my first non-white person!!! "

" Hey , you wanna go kick some Abercrombie wearin' douchebags ass? -- Yeah sure sounds like fun man ! "

"I'm getting tired of saying negative sayings but I haven't stated enough ---- Whatever man people who move here will see it and move somewhere else asap! "
by imjuststatingfactz August 18, 2011

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