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An amazing teenage boy who is kind of short but very cute. He has beautiful eyes and an extraordinary personality. He's sweet, funny, talented and can make you smile at the drop of a hat. He's dead sexy and very intelligent. Anyone would be extremely lucky to have him.
"who's that gorgeous boy over there?"

"his name is niall"
by ilhsvm May 05, 2009
An irish boy who has the most beautiful eyes in the world, you will get lost into them. Niall can fall in love with any girl. He is a charming gentleman and will do anything for his dream girl. His dream girl is an American girl who is a few years younger than him, she has beautiful brown hair and brown eyes and a great sense of humor.
see, Niall with that girl over there? she is one lucky girl
by Annalisa Jenners August 29, 2012
the boy of your dreams. he is sexy and his eyes are like diamonds. he is funny and caring. you are lucky to have him in your life.
Girl 1: ahh he is fineeee. dayuuum i want him so bad.

Girl 2:pfff he must be a niall! ;)
by Flowbaybe October 16, 2009
A person who is fun to be around; always good for a laugh; laughs non-stop and is guaranteed to laugh at your jokes (even if they're not funny). Someone who will make you feel good about yourself.
Wow, I like him! He is such a Niall!

What a Niall!
by theotherdirection January 11, 2012
An amazing Irish boy with amazing blue eyes that will just win you over, prefect in every way.
"He's so beautiful!"
"He's so, NIALL!"
by Love for Amazing People May 28, 2013
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