when you are in a niall state it is when youve just been boned so hard you must use a wheelchair to move around.it's very sad to see people in a niall state.
wow, that dude looks like he's in a niall
by mozemo91234 February 07, 2009
A sweet person who will always do anything to make you smile! He is the sweetest boyfriend, if you're lucky enough to win his heart and will be 10000% faithful.

Don't mess with a Niall, because if you do, then you'll have everyone who he knows after you!!

He is the sweetest person who doesn't ever seem to be full. This bundle full of Irish is too sexy to not love!!
Person 1: OMG did you hear Niall is dating Nicole?
Person 2: Yeah, she is so lucky! She better treat him right otherwise I'll hunt her down!!
by MissyRaNDom August 02, 2013
1) The spelling of the "Nile River" by a person with bad spelling skills, or by a "Directioner".
2) The name of a boy when the parents like the Nile river and think it looks cute spelled with an "A", two "L"s and without an "E".
I failed my geography test, I was in One Direction land and spelled the Nile River "the Niall River".

Let's name the baby Nile. No, make it Niall because that sounds less Egyption.
by Just Random Things June 22, 2013
Sexy boy u just wanna be with him forever! He has all the girls chasing him! He's the fittest person ever! Everyone loves his to bits and he has the best personality ever!
Me: oh my god look at that boy!
Friend: he must be called Niall!!!
by NiallLoverx November 18, 2013
A boy who is prone to being hyper and over-active. When and if alcohol is added to the mix, he goes into hype over load and is uncontrollable for a long period of time. Also prone to taking sexual interest in black men. Tries to mask this love with competition and humour. May also threaten with sexual acts.
Niall - 'I'm going to get with a black man, just to prove that I can.'

Niall -'I'm gonna suck your.. your.. your..'
by truthwhat January 12, 2012
a boy with absolutely humungous eyebrows! like caterpillars
"whoa check out that guys eyebrows.. he looks like niall!"
by yes no yes March 03, 2009
a boy who usually can't make up his mind about which girl he wants.He chooses his second love to comfort him after his rejection from the first girl.Requires constant attention from girls but due to the fact he's not good looking he doesn't get too far.

Niall will lie his way out of any trouble he gets himself into blaming anyone possible but himself.really he plays everyone off eachother and stops his girlfriend from doing things which he feels is appropriate to be doing himself.
when someone "pulls a when niall" ,
they are pulling the paranoid creep of a boyfriend who thinks he's above the world and has the right to do stuff he doesnt allow others to do.
*e.g. "woah..that guys such a niall..she should dump him"

by aniallaters March 29, 2009

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