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No Fucking Idea
The manager has NFI of the work that goes on around here...
by KGB July 10, 2002
Short for "No fucking idea." Originated as internet slang in trivia chatrooms.
Chatter #1: Who was the 19th President of the USA?

Chatter #2: nfi, dude.
by Sa-Zar August 01, 2005
no fucking idea. the person has no clue to the answer of the question.
<Typheus> Is Dark_Messenger's forum still in existence?
<Dark> nfi
by t1s May 29, 2006
No Fucking Idea

Normally used in conjunction with annoying workmates always asking you stupid questions that you know the answer to but refuse to give it to them anway.

It also is a good way of telling the cops why you were speeding.
cop: fuckin' jeeeesus mate, how fast were ya clockin'?

you: N.F.I mate, but it was fuckin' awesome!!
by lil_foX September 14, 2005
Not Fucking Invited.. :(
Jason: Heyy dude, you up for tonight? =D
Mark: Eh?! Wtf? Looks like I was NFI :@
Jason: Whoops.. My Bad :S
by Kaffy-Win =D May 28, 2009
"Not Fucking Invited."
- Guest X: Did you see creepy Asian guy was at the Christmas party last night slobbering on everyone?
- Annoyed Host: Yeah, he was obviously NFI.
by poliparty December 05, 2010
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