Acronym for "No Fucking Idea" (?perhaps Australian slang)
Fixing Cars? My wife has N.F.I about fixing cars.
by Pauly H September 04, 2005
An acronym of Not Fucking Interested
Manager: Could you do me a favour?
Employee: N.F.I!
by The Brewery Boys (Team 1) September 14, 2004
Although there are already meanings for the acronym, perhaps a more feasible definition: (Not Fixing It)

Used by those who know that texts aren't a fucking college application essay so it should not be taken as such with silly grammar errors.
Cara: are you ducking kidding me

Cim: wut
Cara: nfi
by cimboss July 24, 2014
Not fu*king interested.
Do you like cinema ?
No thanks, NFI.
by ian logan January 23, 2008
No Further Information

It is also helpful if someone in a position of authority asks what "NFI" means, and you really meant "No Fucking Idea" and you don't want to say that.
"Hey mate, how many whales have been killed by lightning?"

"I have NFI."
by ZOO4LYFE June 29, 2009
No Fucking Interest. When someone tells you a spot of information and you really couldnt give a crap.
Guy1: Holy shit man i just saw your ex with some douche in a bar!

Guy2: NFI dude, NFI.
by SpartanTooTall February 19, 2009
A polite way os saying:

No f**king interest.

ie. you have interest in the subject, the idea or person
I've NFI'd her or I've just been NFI'd.
"Do you fancy going to watch Chelsea on the weekend?","NFI mate"
by Mister.T February 04, 2010
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