The name of a team of players from that attends a trivia night every tuesday night at Union Jacks in Brisbane
The Trivia Guy: Who won the 400m track and field gold medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics

Team NFI: Cathy Freeman
by The Trivia Guy September 11, 2006
Not Fucking Invited or No Fucking Invite (crikey, how long does a definition have to be to get in here?)
Q "Are you going to Jane's party on Saturday?"
A "No, I'm NFI'd"
by Dominic in London July 05, 2004
Not Fucking Invited. Commonly used when refering to sluts, whores, and dumb bitches who show up to parties where they are unwanted.
"God, that slut Katrina Samson is so NFI."
by yea dude September 03, 2006
Not Fucking Interested
Q "Do you want to help me do the house work?"

A "I'm NFI on house work bitch!"
by Smoon March 03, 2004
also short for National Fatherhood Initiative, which is somewhat ironic.
by tin ass September 10, 2003
Stands for: "No Financial Interest"

Posted on message boards when promoting a product where you do not benefit from the sale. This indicates you aren't getting financially compensated and helps validate your recommendation.
Butt cheek chafing? You should try Boudreaux's Butt paste (NFI). My friend tried it and it works great.

(as a side note, there is such a thing:, and I have no financial interest in this product ... and neither I nor any friends have tried it)
by Cool ET May 19, 2005
NIGGAS FROM INDIAN. University at Albany
NFI runs shit.
by kidyo February 03, 2004

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