It is a town in Caloocan City in the Philippines, where geniuses, thugs, Gs, haters, and rural people from the country settled.

pertaining to a neonate, 28 day old infant
Fizzle: What up, nbb..where you from?
NBB:Well, im livin in Newborn, kid...d'yah know that?
Fizzle:Umm...i'm sorry, never heard of..

Oh! What a cute newborn!
by newbornballer June 10, 2005
Top Definition
A person who knows nothing about a fandom but decides too be in it.

Usually a teenage girl.

Pulling knowledge that is not true and that is very invalid.
"Sally thought Niall had brown curly hair!"
"OMG shes tots a newborn."
by Word girl April 07, 2014
- A person who experiances an intese onset of a trip

- First time trip
damn after that girl kicked in she was a newborn
by Joeycracks October 05, 2007
A person that is twenty one or younger
He's 18 a newborn and she's a 35 year old cougar
by Prince Kush September 30, 2009
feeling blahh. As if you don't know what's going on, and or, what's wrong.
"im feeling like a new born"
"i dont know, something just seems off"
by One weeks worth April 22, 2010
Factory rims on a car.
You need to get you some dubs and get rid of those newborns.
by T. Richardson May 17, 2004
A new born is both someone who has just recently been born, or someone who has just started reading the Twilight Saga and is now hooked and craving for more
Person #1: What's wrong with her?
Person #2: New Born.
Person #1: Ahhhh...
by MsBenzadrine May 15, 2009
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