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6 definitions by Joeycracks

- A person who experiances an intese onset of a trip

- First time trip
damn after that girl kicked in she was a newborn
by Joeycracks October 05, 2007
13 8
A comfortable atire

Girl: Theses jeans are to uncomfortable im gonna put on my Turtle Costume
by Joeycracks August 19, 2007
5 2
Higher than high
one step beyond zooted
often acoseated wit kush or headdies
me: zoopy
you: did you jus zoppy?
me: ha
by Joeycracks September 23, 2007
2 1
A way of dismissing an asine conversation or person often sugested with little to no respect.

cris: yo lemme skill that L bitch you hit
cheder: nah bitch ONE
by Joeycracks August 15, 2007
0 7
also know as word to mother
me: i like weed
you: werf
by Joeycracks October 07, 2007
5 24
The extreem urge to chew on a straw and or gum during a roll or a trip
i took a tripple stack and also 400 mgs or so of dextromethophan and i got some bad mush mouth
by Joeycracks October 05, 2007
6 32