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A person that is new to a game or forum. Not to be confused with n00b, a derogatory term to define either a new user to a game/forum or someone who acts stupidly regardless of account age or time played.
I just joined (insert site) and I don't know what I am doing yet! I hate being a newbie.
by kandykaleena September 19, 2007
277 93
A person new to a game, concept, or forum. Not to be confused with n00b, a stupid person. Newbies are just new.
Dude, that guy just joined the forum yesterday and is a total newbie to HTML. You should tell him how to get an avatar since he doesn't know.
by Overly smart person February 24, 2006
917 129
Not to be confused by noob, a newbie is a newcomer to anything. Newbies can spell, but they lack in what's new to them. Noobs and newbies are kinda opposites, in a way. Plus, newbies are usually more respectful than noobs.
Newbie: Um, excuse me, TehPro...?

TehPro: Yes?

Newbie: Do you know how to move in this game?

TehPro: Yes, the W, A, S, D keys.

Newbie: Thank you.

TehPro: No problem.
by MisaTange July 05, 2009
174 50
One who has little experience and little skill. Originally a contraction of the phrase "new blood," it is not necessary an insulting term, although the derivative noob is almost always used in a negative sense.
LOL, that newbie's only lvl 6. :P
by The Abe June 09, 2005
95 44
A term that was developed in Vietnam since 60% of the new recruits died in their first 3 months of service.

The senior soldiers used to name the new recruits "newbies" so that they didn't have to know the real names of the soldiers when they died in the field.
We lost another newbie today Captain.
by Mike_B June 13, 2005
70 38
What Dr.Cox usually calls J.D (from the sitcom Scrubs.)
"listen here newbie..."And then after that being follwed by a rant.
by CommitedScrubsFan May 25, 2008
80 75
Man who works in video store, and talks very fast
blah blah blah blah blah blah blah what was that newbie
Yeah yeah yeah yeah i was about to do that
by kracks mcstiff June 12, 2009
7 73