A gay person who has recently come out and is not yet accustomed to the gay community. He or she is generally very socially awkward because of grappling with a completely new identity and a new set of societal expectations.
Andrew: Wow, did you see that guy hitting on me just now? He was petrified.
Timmy: I know, total newbie. I thought he was adorable.
Andrew: Ehh, maybe in a few months.
by Dougy Fresh Cataluña December 03, 2007
some one that is new to smoking weed or any thing else; someone that is clumzy or stupid.
newbie: damn dude i dropped my cigs and they all fell in a puddle
JJ: you're a fuckin newbie

newbie: i cant get any smoke out of this lit blunt
JJ: you're such a newbie
by jackj January 06, 2008
that guy in my class lol
he just transferred,hes such a newbie.
by decides to die April 14, 2007

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