A method for unskilled people to get hired for jobs over people who are skilled.
Despite being an incompetent worker, I'm employed because I'm great at networking!
by hublahh August 02, 2010
Top Definition
A yuppie euphemism for kissing ass in order to get a job or obtain a raise or promotion.
Regardless of your skills, intelligence, or education, if you are not good at networking you will always earn minimum wage and live in a trailer park.
by MrFranklin June 10, 2006
Bro-speak term for partying. "Networking" gives fratboys an easy out to help overcome the massive cognitive dissonance associated with their lifestyles should it be brought into question. Namely, the idea that they will one day get a good-paying, stable job despite the unfortunate reality of their complete lack of employable skills.
TKE: Hey man frats provide valuable networking opportunities. My bro's dad has a dealership and he's going to give me a job once I graduate with my bachelors in marketing and I'm going to make fat ass cash and retire when I'm 40 brah.

Human: What did you say? Sorry, I was kind of busy learning an actual skill that will allow me to avoid a career of glad-handing and brown-nosing to cover up my obvious ineptitude.
by Darrell in a barrel April 13, 2009
the action of connecting two devices so they can communicate with each other.
I just hooked up two computers with a router and I'm sharing my printer. How do you like that! Cheap and easy networking.
by chuckthefuk January 20, 2006
you meet GIRL A, GIRL A has three friends, GIRL 1, GIRL 2 GIRL 3. After meeting girls 1,2,and 3. you find out that all three of them and lots of girlfriends of their own..

And so on and so fourth

dude, you wanna come hang out? Stacy is bringing a few of her girlfriends out, I figured we could do some networking.
by Nathan Rondot July 26, 2007
a person who seeks employment by staying on the grind
im networking so ill holla at you later
by j money March 01, 2005
how white collar executives hook up
"this is a great conference isn't it?"

"excellent for networking, I'm glad my wife stayed home!"
by MintyLeila June 25, 2005
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