A meeting of several amateur radio operators on a given frequency, usually for a set purpose, with one operator, known as the Net Control Operator or NCO, in charge of how things run.
I checked into the swap net last night, but there wasn't much interesting up for sale.
by W8something April 14, 2004
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Short for internet.
Surfin' the net.
by dR December 27, 2003
Probably the biggest bandwagon team in the entire NBA. About half the fans were Bulls fans in the 90's, Lakers fans in the Early 00's, and Nets and Spurs fans. Another half is unloyal Knick fans who got sick of the Knicks losing so they went for the next local team that was actually winning. Then there is the small percentage that stayed loyal to them.
The New Jersey Nets are the New England Patriots of the NBA....minus the world championships.
by Tril Nole May 12, 2006
The Greatest Team of All-Time, in any kind of sport.
"Person A: Holy crap! Did you see Brian Scalabrine dunk over Ben Wallace of the Detroit Pistons, who sucks ass?
Person B: Well no shit, he's on the Nets!
by Jason Kidd July 04, 2004
Amount after all deductions (such as taxes). See also gross.
I netted $1482.98 this month.
by kyle.biddle November 15, 2010
the internet, the world wide web
The net would not be the same without search engines.
by The Return of Light Joker January 18, 2008
They were a great team years ago, horrible in the 90's, and now, thanks to the Kidd/Marbury trade they're the best team in the Eastern Division of the NBA.
The Nets WILL win the championship this year.
by Bob September 26, 2003
Cricket practice equipment consisting of a single wicket surrounded by nets which prevent the ball being hit a long way. Used for practising bowling and batting without fielders.
"Training today will be nets at 10 until lunch, then a pick-up game in the afternoon."
by Kilkrazy July 01, 2004

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