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The act of continuously thumping your erect penis onto the top of a womans head and/or across her forehead.
Jill was on her knees, so I tomahawked her a few times.
by ben187 November 15, 2004
A sexual act in which a male double fish hooks a female's butt hole, and while spreading it open to the maximum gape, the man lowers one testicle into the cavernous sphincter. When the testicle is in place, release the hooks and the sphincter clamps down onto the sack like a bear trap.
In order to reach climax, I utilized the bear trap technique with my girlfriend.
by ben187 May 05, 2005
A sexual act in which two middle fingers are inserted into a woman's sphincter, and then pulled apart in order to make the sphincter gape.
Because I wanted to look deep into her anal cavity, I double fished hooked my girl friend.
by ben187 May 05, 2005
The term given to interwoven butt hairs which maintains the integrity of your underwear
Fuck man... that poop woulda slipped out hadn't the net caught it!
by ben187 August 08, 2003

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