The New Jersey based NBA team.

Also known as the Buffalo Bills.
"I'd rather reign in hell then serve in heaven."- JKidd upon turning down offers to play in the West.
by Anonymous August 14, 2003
tool-ish, awkward, annoying, lame, grody
(can be used as any part of speech)
I got so netted out after seeing him pick his nose and wipe it on the wall.

The guy wearing the totes is a netto bombetto.

by jethica reardon January 23, 2007
shortened form for the word "clarinet" a black in colour musical instrunment. from the class "woodwindus" and species "instrumentus" the clarinet is a violent and agressive instrument - approach with caution
"so what do you play?"
"i play the net'"
by 7aipan November 06, 2005
The term given to interwoven butt hairs which maintains the integrity of your underwear
Fuck man... that poop woulda slipped out hadn't the net caught it!
by ben187 August 08, 2003
Nigger Entertainment Television
Hey Nig Nog, check out the dunkin' nig commercial on NET
by Chavez November 04, 2004
elite computer hacker
you are the coolest, net!
by net July 15, 2002
Above all. Superior to all. Godly.
Net > *
by net July 17, 2002

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