lost 2 straight NBA finals; used to suck but now are the best team in the east- but the east still sucks.
"Maybe the world is flat- the New Jersey Nets are going to the NBA Finals"- Marv Alberts
by 0000 October 20, 2003
Like "met", but on the internet instead of real life.
"I net him a month ago on a message board, and now we're getting engaged!"
by timefishblue December 29, 2009
1. A derogatory term for someone who is mentally challenged, or otherwise extremely stupid. It originates from the concept that handicapped people are like nets who just catch what society throws away.
Ex. Stop acting like a dump fucking net.
by Soratrox June 25, 2010
A meeting of several amateur radio operators on a given frequency, usually for a set purpose, with one operator, known as the Net Control Operator or NCO, in charge of how things run.
I checked into the swap net last night, but there wasn't much interesting up for sale.
by W8something April 14, 2004
No Earlier Than

NASA/KSC acronym
Launch date: NET July 14, 2009 OR July 15, 2009
by DotKritic July 13, 2009
Military- Radio Telecommunications Network
E.g. Please don't swear when on the net
by hbegg April 05, 2005
bust or ejection of seman
yo whats that on her shirt?
o. francis just neted on her
by og t og April 12, 2006

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