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A offspring of a nerd & nerdette
Look! Melvin & Myra has a little nerdling of thier own!
by BruinKiller3469 March 20, 2009
A lower form of nerd, that even the standard nerds laugh at, insult and beat up.
A group of nerds come out of a Star Trek Convention, and see a short, skinny geek with coke-bottle glasses and hip-waders sitting on the sidewalk, caressing his autographed William Shatner poster.

"Whoa guys, check out the nerdling!"
by Vinman November 23, 2006
from the origin zergling, hailing from the Starcraft Series of games. This is a name for a nerdy starcraft player
Dude, why are you such a nerdling?
by strivEEE September 26, 2010
a nerd like creature with four eyes... spooky!! dont cross them in a dark alley or they will eat you and steal all your books and calculators!!!
Person One: "i want to eat you and steal your calculators!!!"
Person Two: "That makes you a nerdling you nerdling!! Please dont eat me!!!"
by watnow August 14, 2006
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