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something you say when something is crazily awesomely funnidge to the MAX!!!
"Whoa man! This heroin is awesomeidge to the MAX"
"Fuck Yeah!"
by watnow August 14, 2006
a nerd like creature with four eyes... spooky!! dont cross them in a dark alley or they will eat you and steal all your books and calculators!!!
Person One: "i want to eat you and steal your calculators!!!"
Person Two: "That makes you a nerdling you nerdling!! Please dont eat me!!!"
by watnow August 14, 2006
1. Derived from the film 'The Matrix' when the guy hell moves really fats to avoid an oncoming bullet, a matrix occurs when you do something really sneaky without anyone else noticing to avoid insult or injury. It is also similar in meaning to the word, 'smooth'.
*derek ditches a brick at paulies head, but Paulies ducks to avoid it*

Derek: Whoa man! you just fully matrixed that brick!

*Paulie steals Dereks dildo from right between his arse cheeks without him noticing*

Derek: You fully Matrixed that dildo from right between my arse cheeks!
by watnow August 24, 2006

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