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Street automobile "art" form that showed up in the early 90's. Mostly to showcase a car that cannot get out of it's own way.
Hey Scooter, How much faster does that neon make your car?
by mj_oblio February 29, 2004
A car that can smoke most hondas, and any stock honda civic with its go fast stickers, go fast lights, go fast wings and body kits, and mental drivers that think 18 seconds in the quarter mile is fast
The base neon 5 speed comes with 132 hp and 129 ft-pounds of torque, compared to the 105 hp and less then 100 ft-pounds of torque for the same year comparable honda
by TOOSTUBBORN2FAIL May 16, 2008
Neo Nazi.
Shit those neo.n's killed my grandpa
by Cappassd March 30, 2009
To flip out and/or go off on someone
"My brother kept pushing me so I went neon on him"
by Nuk-kim-ani-kka April 02, 2014
1)the most retarded car ever made. often found in high school parking lots with import(euro) tail lights (even tho it is a domestic car) sometimes containing a muffler, go fast stickers, go fast winshield wipers, or go fast lights.
2) a car that poverty people and retards buy and often fix up because they watched fast and the furious, but couldn't afford a real car or an import.
3) a 2.0 4 banger that is slower than shit but often drivin by kids who think they could beat a jet.
"Racing a neon is like being in the special olympics, even if you win you're still RETARDED!!!!!!!!"
by I fuck dumb bitches April 27, 2005
1. i think a car of some sort maybe???
2. any bright/ annoyingly vivid colour
3. basically another "genre" of people. Neons are basically if emo and scene had a lovechild and that baby constantly smoked pot. not an entirely bad thing. very colorful, but most neons are cutters.
dumbass: ugh hes sooo emo.
smartass: nope. your mistaken. hes a fucking NEON.
having very bright skin,so bright that at night you can see the person when they have no shirt on
Eric:Dude, Spean is neon.
Justin:Yeah dude, you can see him at night.
by weezy the realist March 26, 2009