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Actually a neologism, a neologist is one to creates neologisms. Technically, since the term 'neologist' is a 'neologism' it self-perpetuates simply by existing- or not, technically.

A neologist is one who makes up words
Neologist: "Then I told him to go worbunk himself, else I'd go get my argon beam and suptifly 30 hyrdrolargs of kensiom on his ass"
by regretsareawaste April 22, 2008
27 9
An individual inclined to making up new words. Based on the noun Neoligism: The introduction or use of new words or new senses of existing words.
John being a neologist had a habit of making up new words that strangely enough while newly formed appeared to make sense.

John is neologistic in nature.
by mykeyg March 27, 2012
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