Someone who fires multiple rounds of Flak at one single person in an attempt to kill/maim them or make them slam their keyboard in fustration.
snoop*dx has been horribly spammed by aeon.nem's flak.
by Anonymous March 19, 2003
a pro evolution soccer player who always pops up and gets the winner against you.
"That fooking Gardner scored an injury time header against me again. That lanky bean pole's such a nemesis."
Character in 2000AD. Part of an organisation called 'Credo' dedicated to overthrowing the human 'Termight' empire.

Initially, he was pretty cool. Then it all got a bit silly.
I haven't bought 2000AD for years, but I still remember Nemesis.
by Uncle Whippity January 07, 2004
One of the best roller coasters in the world, found at Alton Towers, Staffs, UK. Although only relatively short, the full on intensity during every second of the ride makes it outclass many bigger coasters.
I went to Alton Towers over the bank holiday weekend and had to queue for two hours to ride nemesis. Damn Schoolies!
by All your base December 29, 2004
The mother fuckin' bringer of vengence and retribution to an son of a bitch that tries to fuck with him.
by NeMeSiS XxX February 13, 2004
The shittest movies ever made
If someone invitest you to watch any of these films they're trying to kill you - run RUN!!!
by Anonymous September 26, 2003
Our sun's binary twin, most likely a red or brown dwarf. Actually, it most likely doesn't exist. Blamed by believers for every mass extinction our planet has seen, since it allegedly launches Oort Cloud comets into our solar system during some period of it's long-ass orbit.
Curios child: What killed the dinosaurs?
Crazed astronomer: Nemeis hurled a comet at them using the power of gravity.
by j0e April 25, 2004
(noun) 1. The primary antagonist of "Resident Evil: Apocalypse"
2. One with extraoridnarily large teeth and/or gums, and who maintains the ability to swallow small children WHOLE.
"I heard Weston and Christine are going out."
"I want her in the Nemesis Program..."
by TinyFaceKid December 02, 2006

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