Some crappy Star Trek movie.
Star Trek Nemesis SUCKED ass.
by Ewok October 09, 2003
the BEST rollercoaster in the world!!
It's the most intense ride ever, it kicks ass
by emily laura June 27, 2005
The hardest monster in FFX other than Penance and maybe Dark Anima.
I beat Nemesis using only Yuna!
by Steaver370 May 28, 2004
1. one who is rational and just.

2. one who is a zealous practictioner of retributive justice.

3. a Mark Anthony.
1. "Judge Hammond can affectively be called a nemesis when it comes to work-ethic."

2. "The pleas of the guilty were muted indefinately and accordingly; such merciless justice can only be the work of a nemesis."

3. "His many services to Rome are second to none, but whether that nemesis does them out of love for the state or self-interest remains to be seen."
by Nemesis. May 19, 2005
The third song on Cradle Of Filth's Nymphetamine album. It succeded in making terroism sound good! No doubt this will soon become one of the govenments 'hot' records.
Tonight is the night...
The empowering wind that draws breath from despise,
Roars in my wings as I soar with the end in sight.
by Nedia March 21, 2005
The European name for the original Gradius, one of the greatest shumps of our time.
Gradius or Nemesis, its still one of Konami's best shumps.
by DJ Mescan June 29, 2004
.50 BMG rifle under developement by Fabrique Nationale Herstal of Liege, Belgium. Bolt action anti-material rifle.
My nemesis will smoke anything.
by Bryan H K February 05, 2004

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