Worst guild in world of warcraft, period.
Guy 1: I have to commit suicide, I'm sorry Mom.
Mom 1: Honey why?!
Guy 1: I got kicked out of N E M E S I S...
Mom 1: OMFG!! You suck!! GTFO!!
by Jadler September 04, 2007
One the best gamers, if not THE best gamer in the U.S. Known for his insane talent and perfect aim, 1vs1, this bitch will tear you the fuck up. Any game he picks he can master and beat anyone in. No one can and will ever stop him. He's also dead sexy every girl wants to fuck him.
Hey someone just joined are server named Nemesis.....wow he just fucking pwnz0r3d me in the face with his giant cock. Fuck this im outta here.
by Nemesis March 07, 2005
A rollercoaster at alton towers that copyied the almighty nemesis inferno at alton towers
Nemesis is poo and i hate it
by David Jayne willaims January 23, 2005
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