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The sudden and often unexplainable feeling of sleepiness or sluggishness after eating a meal, especially a large one.
"Man, I just had a big lunch. Now I got a bad case of negritis.
by jamesalan August 14, 2006
white people who act are black at heart
Bill Clinton has a case of negritis
by james todd November 15, 2003
An infestation of ignorant ghetto behavior, which started off in America's ghettos, but spread to the suburbs where non-black people act all ignorant and call themselves and each other Nigga, which is spreading like a disease hence the term Negritis. Which was coined by Mexicans or Latinos.
Juan: Hey what up Nigga you wanna get hella faded?

Carlos: Why are you acting all ignorant and shit?

Juan: Calm down Nigga!

Carlos: I aint even black?! Looks like you got a bad case Negritis?
by Joaquin Z September 18, 2013
Someone who smokes weed but is very undercover about it. They usually have a secret life and possibly a lair.
"Dude, I think Lyra is Negriti."
"No way! But shes so into her work and school and stuff"
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