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6 definitions by Vance

Originally used on the TV series Beavis and Butthead, presumably because you can't say dickhole on TV.

A mild insult.
Get away from me, you dillhole!
by Vance January 05, 2004
602 221
A miniuature "septic tank" for dog waste. I swear to God.
When Fido gets done taking a dump, put the turds in the Doggie Dooley.
by Vance January 06, 2004
6 5
steadfast adherence to ethical code, respect and strict morale while living in the hood
Yo G show some negrity up in here, that's my baby's mamma, I still love her, I still love her...
by Vance July 20, 2004
9 11
The Baddest ass sonuvabitch known to man. Pretty much the antitethesis of TomX
Man don't make me go KingVance on you.
by Vance June 12, 2004
7 11
The act of sledding or tobogganing while under the influence of alcohol.
Last Friday, we got loaded and went sloading.
by Vance November 17, 2003
0 5
a term for inserting small wooden cars into the vagina or anus for sexual pleasure.
get the cars billy! I'm horny for a pinewood derby!
by vance March 27, 2003
5 22