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Lyra is a small constellation in the night sky. The word Lyra comes from the Latin, Lyre (a harp). The most notable star is Vega, which also happens to be one of the brighest in the sky.
In the movie K-Pax, Prot claims to be from a planet (K-Pax) which was located in the constellation Lyra.
by OneBadAsp October 17, 2006
A beautiful girl who is just perfect. She's super popular and everyone likes her. Her boyfriend must be really lucky. She has perfect wavy hair and beautiful eyes. She's super sweet and has the prettiest smile. She is the perfect girlfriend and is very talented at singing and acting and all kinds of things. She is someone you love very much.
Steve: "Man, that girl is such a Lyra"

Mike: "Totally"
by =Jmon3y= November 28, 2013
Full name Lyra Heartstrings. She is a background character on the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She is known to have the desire to become human and she started a trend in Equestria, which is sitting in a human-like position. often seen with the background character Bon Bon
Brony1: Oh Eeem Geee Lyra just talked!
Brony2: OMG!! Is she with Bon Bon??
Brony1: Sadly no.
Brony2: What episode is this?
Brony1: Season 2 finale, aka episode 25
Brony2: OMG NO WAY!
Brony1: Colgate spoke too!!
by Madeline Elura Gadget January 25, 2013
Type Of Speech: Noun

1. Lyra_ is a nickname conjured by Danaroth. Main root is from xJol(lyRa)ncherx,

xJollyRancherx was also called, Jolly, anche (hips is latin) , Jorra and on occations J rancher.

2. lyra (ler-rah) is also a constellation in the sky,and or a group of stars.
Sentence Example:

2. "Hey look at that, you can see Lyra in the sky!
by You_know_who_ February 04, 2009
People with this name tend to be quiet, cooperative, considerate, sympathetic to others, adaptable, balanced and sometimes shy. They are trustworthy, respecting the confidences of others, and make excellent diplomats, mediators and partners. They are often very intuitive. They like detail and order, and often find change worrisome.
She's so nice.. she's such a Lyra
by jasdance22 April 26, 2015
Fat bitch who brings down planes.
"Lyra, get off the plane you fat fuck."
by lewi12 September 05, 2012

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