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the female equivalent to a negro.
(not offensive)
white gurl:wassup negress?
black gurl:wassup caucasia?
by Fallujah October 05, 2005
245 85
a female black not offencive
That negress has a very nice car!
by me April 22, 2005
316 178
A female of African decent
**Note: term is now considered offensive along with Negro.
by CChilde August 19, 2003
108 123
A woman of African decent who has many of the following qualities- Stuck up, bossy, middle class (black upperclass), a long flowing mane.
Black chick from the new real world.

"Look at that negress"
by Negresshunter101 March 12, 2006
86 106
an african queen/goddess living in modern day USA
the elegant woman is a negress
by HRHOSCAR August 09, 2008
57 96
A great insult for anyone of any race but esp.black men.

The lowest of the low.
'You want to overcharge me for my bargain bucket?'

'Get outta here negress........'
by Doc Johnson January 25, 2005
40 110
a female of a different race dating a black male
"Look at that white negress over there!"
"is that Leah Moore?"
"Yea I think so"
by name, private June 04, 2006
27 101