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Australian slang for cutting off an emu's head and repetitively sticking your penis in the wind pipe until ejaculation.
Hey Baz you know that emu down the road. Just gave the cunt a neckie
#(neckie) (aussie) neck sex #emu sex #necking #neckjob #necky
by Midgetfister7053 December 01, 2014
A derogative word used to describe a necrophiliac. It can result in an infestation of maggots that feast on the dead.
1. "Look over there, Simon is having sex with a dead person. What are those wiggly things coming out of his mouth."

2. "Couie, you ain't no G'."

3. "Fucking maggot throat."

4. "Look at that stiff licker, he is a romancer of the dead."

5. "Necrophilia is a genetic disorder."

6. "Necrophiliac."

7. "You dirty neckie"
#couie #necrophiliac #romancer of the dead #maggot throat #stiff licker
by Remix123 December 10, 2006
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