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Fireworks supply, always way too expensive
yeah i went to the native yesterday, but he was an expensive ripp off jew
by brandorf January 23, 2005
25 80
One who thinks that "their" land was raped and "their" women were stolen, and not the other way around. One can see how a native could easily mix these up, I slur a lot when I am drunk too.
Successful white man #1: "Ahoy there, my white brethren, look at these natives attempting to placate their innate drunkenness by writing pointless definitions on UD."
Successful white man #2: "Yes, very empowering, but notice how they use "their" when referring to land and women. For a culture that supposedly took no stock in ownership titles of items, they sure are a greedy, bitter bunch."
Successful white man #1: "Very interesting observation Miles. Perchance would you like to accompany me to a local social for an evening fine foods and wine?"
Successful white man #2: "I would love too, Warren. I will most certainly enjoy alcohol that is not from a Listerine bottle."
by Steven the Lexographer January 10, 2008
58 116
Slang to describe a person who is very drunk. Probably refers to how european settlers bribed native North Americans with alcohol thus causing an alcoholism problem with native people.
Did you see Joe at the bar last night, he was totally native!
by Bobby Digital March 11, 2005
64 126
the coolest people in the world! they had to deal with american wars and their own. they are still not forgotten. they had to me moved away from that andrew jackson, but not forgotten. i hate andrew jackson for what he has done. i am not native american, just native. i am proud, though. they are like native americans. they have a history of dressing the same way and all that stuff. natives and native americans only have one difference: they settled in different places. thats all. when i found out what such a terrible thing jackson did, i was offended and still am. we are still the coolest people ever to walk this earth.
italians just wish they could be like us. the spanish kiss the ground we walk on. americans will pay for everything that they have doe to us. the natives kick butt every time. if you are not native, you wish that you are.
by amanofthemoon May 18, 2007
58 121
a brown skined person
native american
by chicky September 16, 2003
41 115