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a Bangla term which refers to A Whore !
"tui ekta Magi"

which means "you are a whore"
#whore #magi #prositute #swinger #baal
by H13 June 06, 2009
The descriptive term for someone who excells at somthing. Someone who is a master of their own craft.
"That guy is amazing at hockey!"
"Yeah, hes a hockey magi"

"He plans on studying business in University"
"Hopefully he'll become a business magi."
#magi #maven #ogre #ogre magi #yurtis
by WPE May 27, 2009
creator of the "oh ya,well at least i don't have two dads" joke.
Chris: oh yeah well <tells a jokes thats not funny>
Sivaanjan: <rolls his eyes>
Andrew: chris, don't pull a magi.
#magi #alex #dad #two dads #dads
by Champlain College May 09, 2008
a wizard or sorceror
merlin, a little like gandalf
by jb February 18, 2004
The plural of mage.
All the wizards, sorcerors, and magi couldn't stop the apocalypse.
by Luckdragon October 31, 2004
A Bangladeshi word commonly used to address or mean any sexy girls.
1. How are you, magi?
2. You are a magi.
3. Did you see that filthy magi?
4. I'll love that magi from behind.
5. I really don't fuck that kinda magi.
#sexy #beautiful #slut #hooker #prostitute #whore
by mas_jesus May 16, 2010
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