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The smartest, most caring, most beautiful girl in the world that I just so happen to love. I'm sure without a shadow of a shadow of doubt that having her makes me the luckiest guy in the world, just look at her the wrong way and I'll fuck you up.
Nell is amazing

Nell is perfect

Nell is insane! In the best way =)
by theluckiestguyintheworld June 19, 2011
To go crazy like Nell, the main character in The Last Exorcism--i.e. act strange, yell, bend limbs in ways they shouldn't, say things in Latin, stand eerily at the end of a hallway with your hair covering your face, possibly even have a demon baby. Basically, to act like you are possessed by a demon.
Hey man, don't go Nell on me.

Dude stop Nellin' out!!!
by Emilshaya August 28, 2010
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