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Turkish word for Pleasure
The nasha last night was unbelievable.
by Araa April 16, 2008
36 10
its a hindi word meaning intoxication.
its better for teenagers to stay away from nasha
by babanash June 21, 2006
73 23
A nickname given to a really awesome female - derived from the word gnash, which means to grind your teeth in anger.

A 'Nasha' is a terrifying, fierce and tough female warrior who is on a mission for destruction. She prays on females who get in her way. She will psych out her pray with her piercing stare and terrifying gnashed jaw then attack when they least expect it.
"RRUUNNN - a Nasha is coming!!!!!"

"Please don't hurt me Nasha, i'm too young to die"

"I woke up black and blue after bumping into a Nasha last night!!"
by The destroyer January 13, 2013
10 2
Assyrian word for man or person.
Come on, Nasha... for come on, man!
by joe_wallad April 01, 2011
7 7
nasha is a graffiti tag used by a pro artist not a toy
If ur a nasha ur a awesome artist
nasha as the graffiti tag r pro
by Harry Evans September 05, 2006
23 26