The best animal in the sea. It's a whale with a horn and is way majestic than beavers. They are awesome.
Whoa have you ever seen a narwhal?

Yeah they're so majestic and awesome.
by Homo sapien March 08, 2015
epic creation of unicorns
whoa dude that narwhal reminds of a unicorn!
by fairytailmaster April 25, 2011
simple~ITS A UNICORN WHALE!!! there is a rare breed called the "flying narwhal" but that only happens in special cases where the narwhal gets attacked by evil tacos. Only then will this awesome flying defense kick in.
by i like......SQUIRRELS!! April 15, 2011
the greatest animal in the animal kingdom; probably the result of a one night stand between a unicorn and a whale
Wow that narwhal is so majestic and awesome! What does it mean?
by jopethedope December 12, 2010
The badass unicorn whales that inhabit arctic waters. Also known as the jedi of the sea.
"Holy shit, did you see that narwhal!?"
"Yeah dude, he just shishkebabed that polar bear."
by DolphinSexualAdvances March 20, 2012
a Narwhal is thought of to be a whale with a horn, or the rare combination of a unicorn and a whale. little known fact narwhals are closer related to the dolphin, and the horn is actually a large tooth protruding from the upper jaw. on average a narwhal can grow to be 7 to 12 feet in length with a horn length of anywhere between 6 to 9 feet. narwhals live in the arctic but have been known to migrate to northern pacific near Alaska and even as far as the antarctic. they travel in small groups of 4 or 5 but very rarely alone. their enemy is the killer whale.
guy 1: oh dude what was that?
guy 2: what?
guy 1: that thing over there, its like a dolphin but looks like a unicorn.
guy 2: oh that? thats just a narwhal.
guy 1: a what?
guy 2: a narwhal, its basically a dolphin with an accidentl tooth growing from its face
by Fredd the Narwhal June 04, 2011
1. A serving of wine-tea with a partial shot of Jägermeister dropped into it. Traditionally an average sized cup is used for the wine-tea and a small oriental teacup is used for the Jägermeister. Unlike the similar Jägerbomb, a narwhal need not be slammed, and is in fact very pleasant to simply sip, with small amounts of Jäger slowly diffusing into the wine-tea.

2. The unicorn of the sea, and inventor of the shish kebab.

1. To stab with a large piercing device, such as a sword or 9 foot long icicle, often in an epic or entertaining fashion.
1. A black tea and Chardonnay wine-tea makes for a delicious narwhal.
2. Look at the size of that narwhal's horn!

1. Remember that guy who got narwhaled by a blue icicle from a leaky airplane lavatory?
by neyen December 02, 2010

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