1. A serving of wine-tea with a partial shot of Jägermeister dropped into it. Traditionally an average sized cup is used for the wine-tea and a small oriental teacup is used for the Jägermeister. Unlike the similar Jägerbomb, a narwhal need not be slammed, and is in fact very pleasant to simply sip, with small amounts of Jäger slowly diffusing into the wine-tea.

2. The unicorn of the sea, and inventor of the shish kebab.

1. To stab with a large piercing device, such as a sword or 9 foot long icicle, often in an epic or entertaining fashion.
1. A black tea and Chardonnay wine-tea makes for a delicious narwhal.
2. Look at the size of that narwhal's horn!

1. Remember that guy who got narwhaled by a blue icicle from a leaky airplane lavatory?
by neyen December 02, 2010
a joint that has a body shape like a narwhal. tends to be huge!
A very big joint that can have more than one zigzags to make it.
Dude used all my papers to roll a narwhal.
by trey fro November 25, 2010

When a male has an apadravya or reverse PA genital piercing and removes the jewelry before ejaculation and he shoots out the top of his penis.
I just narwhalled up her nose.
by karcus_katharsis March 29, 2011
Its only the best animal alive!!! Its a f'ing whale thingy with a 10 foot unicorn horn && yes they are real! They are the most Bamf creatures ever created!
Stupid Guy: Dude what is that?
Cool Person: It's a Narwhal! Duhh! They are BAMF!
by iShey July 29, 2009
1. A fat horny ass creature

2. a chode

3. a thick, stubby penis
when you think you have a narwhal bro, stay a virgin.
by nar-man June 07, 2010
any such activity being of the sick tight varietal, ultimately resulting in a "fuckin a"
OH MY, good sir, those jive cats were laying down some narwhal jimmy jams last night.
by Dewgong Kochblacher November 20, 2008
A chained female, not of the single orientation. Evolves horn in contrast to it's former single whale state.
"Don't impale me on your horn you narwhal"

"Man her horns huge"
by Of 8 March 28, 2009

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