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NARWHALES SWIMMING IN THE OCEAN CREATING A COMMOTION CAUSE THERE SO AWESOME NARWHALES PRETTY BIG AND PRETTY WHITE AND CAN BEAT A POLAR BEAR IN A FIGHT like an underwater unicorn with an kick ass facial horn there the Jedi of the sea and stopped kathulu eating me just don't let them touch your balls and the inventors of shishcabobs
by renegade waffle February 24, 2009
a whale with a long uniconish horn instead of a nose
TOURIST: wow! look at that fish with a long unicornish nose thing in the water!
TOUR GUIDE: that is called a narwhale
by dumb blondie May 27, 2005
They are the unicorns of the sea and are seriously bad-ass
"woah look at that unicorn!"
"Bro, that a narwhale. it has a tail."
by llamasarecool May 14, 2012
a mythical creature that is a cross between a dolphin and a unicorn. is the shape of a dolphin/killer whale with a unicorn horn
i enjoyed the story about the narwhale
by yuykdgzfxh.gjxhfkhvcnvtirutydj February 03, 2010
Noun: the opposite of a unicorn.

Unicorn: rainbow, candy, happy tunes.

Narwhale: stormy clouds, dirt, sad songs.
Today, I am a Narwhale.
by auggieautomne May 03, 2011
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