The unicorn of the sea
Narwhales are the unicorns of the sea!
by GuitarGirl92851 December 15, 2010
When a guy straps a dildo around his head and pleasures a girl with it while moaning "NAAAR".
I narwhalled her so hard last night.
by Dodgefathers696969 November 15, 2013
Ahhhh, the legendary Nar-Whal. This character was actually created by a JCCC artist who pictured it as a whale-like creature that had a giant unicorn-shaped "horn" at the front of its head, above its eyes. The "horn" is actually a very sensitive "feeling" organ that helps the creature to use it as a sixth sense to spot prey or danger by thrusting its "horn" upwards repeatedly like its about to jump, only to come crashing down violently and coming back up. Despite its bashful and friendly nature, when attacking or being under attack, its soft "horn" becomes a hardened shell of fury and has the force to cut a blue whale in half in a matter of seconds. Additionally, the creature can place its "horn" on an object or person and deduct its composition (what it's made of) or tell the very nature of a person. Legend has it that it most frequently appears when the world is out of balance and needs direction.
Captain: I have seen the Nar-Whal, me boi, but for the sake of yer life, don't provoke it.
Crew Member: Aye, sir.
by Quarter Cent March 12, 2011
An chunky to obese female coupled with unattractive facial features. A distinctly Southern Californian slang circa 1979, corresponding with the release of the B-52's breakthrough single, "Rock Lobster".
Setting - Madame Wongs West (a seminal New Wave club in West LA in the late 70's - early 80's)

Brozinsky 1 - "Dude, be on the lookout for any hot little surfer chix!"

Brozinsky 2 - "There goes a narwhal..wee-ooo, wee-ooo!" (done in your best Fred Schneider voice!)
by Chezdubz April 06, 2011
When something is amazing but completely irrelevant to helping you in life/ helping society
Lucy: I can name all 50 states in under 5 minutes!
Ashley: That is so Narwhal!
by LuFawnda February 09, 2012
A horn whale type creature that when you tend to tell people about it the first thing they think is 'Could you have sex with it?'
"A what?"
"A horned whale."
"You ever you know...?"
"No, what?"
"Tap that?"
"Dude thats just wrong"
by DisasterLindsey. May 19, 2009
The Narwhal is a sea-bound mammel, the most epic sea-bound mammel EVER.
Chuck Norris has three narwhals, their names are: Litlle Chuck, Little Chucker and Litlle Chuckle.
Narwhals, they are epic 'nuff said.
by Rofl-face September 13, 2011

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