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Narutard is a word describing people who are really really interested in the anime/manga Naruto,and most of the time they are obsessed with it.They are often missunderstood and stereotyped as stupid people with no life,spending their days in front of their computer watching/reading Naruto or fighting with other people about Naruto being the "best show evah" even though they never saw any other anime to compare it with.
Well that's NOT TRUE.Many "Narutards" have a life,friends and other activities and watch other anime too,but they like Naruto a lot and like to talk about it.
Unfortunately,sometimes Narutards act like this:buy headbands and wear them when going to school or to the market,claiming they are cosplaying;pretend to know everything about it,but actually don't know almost anything;rejecting any other anime because "no anime is better than Naruto".
These are the drastic examples of Narutards and luckily there aren't many of them,most Narutards are fun people with a nice little obsession that amuses them but does not take control of their life.I am one :D
Normal Narutard:Wow,what a nice episode,it was so funny when Naruto was all serious and then he said:I made an ultimate Oiroke no Jutsu! and Sakura flipped out!
Crazy Narutard:Oh my oh my oh my Sakura is so stupid,punching my Naru-chan,I'll kill you Sakura!!!!*uses Gaara's sand and gives her a funeral,then smiles evil*
by TiredOfSeingPeopleStereotyping September 04, 2009
Faggots who obsess over a shitty anime called Naruto. They usually cosplay and eat ramen, and try to be Japanese (see "wapanese"). You can often see them at book stores in the manga section, or at anime expos.
Narutard : I so fapped to Sasuke last night
Narutard : Me too, hai lets cosplay to skool it will be sooooo kawaii
Narutard : Okai ^^
by Wickleliff May 18, 2008
A retard that watches the horrible anime known as "naruto"
"dude did you see that narutard wearing that stupid fucking headband?"
by Demoncarcass January 20, 2009
A world-famous spanish guy, who went to a singing reality show casting, singing wrong Naruto's second opening 'Haruka Kanata'
Quote: 'Foumikoumo kenaiyoi...' Narutard
by VDK September 13, 2005
Extreme fans of the best manga ever, Naruto. There are requirements to be a narutard. Here are the guidelines:

1. You can't say you're a Narutard if you only watch the english dubbed Naruto.
2. You must write Naruto fan Fictions.
3. You must have a crush on at least 3 of the Naruto characters.
4. Your dreams must consist soley of Naruto.
5. You must never turn your back on Naruto. if you do you'll face the concequences.
6. Never say "believe it!" it's a stupid thing that the english dubbed version of Naruto made Naruto say. Instead say "Dattebayo"
7. You must always be up to date with Naruto.
8. Atleast once dress up like a ninja.
9. Try to learn japanese so that you can fufill your dream of being able to voice a character on naruto.
10. Have a ninja headband.

If you follow those simple steps then you too can be a narutard.
Me: I absolutely love Naruto, Gaara, Lee, Shikamaru and Iruka!

roomate: Calm down...

Me: Want to read my new Naruto Fanfiction?

roomate: no....

Me: Nande?

roomate: Wha?

Me: It's japanese for why!

roomate: What are you gonna do next? say Believe It?

Me: Don't even kid I would never say anything so dorky, dattebayo.

roomate: Why'd I have to be put in the room with the Naruto fan girl.

Me: I'm not just a fan girl! I'm a narutard and I'm proud!
by Noleta January 07, 2008
Something the Animeone and ANBU people call Naruto fans who act stupid, but they use it in general for all Naruto fans anyway. Really, the people who call other people narutards turn out to be your typical closet watching Naruto fan. Just because it became some sort of fad to insult popular things since Pokemon came out.
Narutodude111: omg wen new naturo cm out
starduck: die narutard!111one
by DarknessTear April 18, 2004
Either a person who is a fanboy/girl of Naruto, or other retarded anime things, or someone that is very annoying and often racist.
Narutard1:"I LOVEZ ANIME!!!!11ONE"
Narutard2:"OMFG SHUT UP YOU NIG***!!!"
by Brokein2 March 16, 2007