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The act of doing nothing while hanging out with friends, partying, etc.
Having no interest or knowlage of anythingmusic,movies,etc
That girl Audrey is DN.
by torizzle August 08, 2007
In anime/manga it's an acronym for Death Note.
"Damn, dn is the shit!"
by tedium13 October 21, 2007
Short for Dick Nose.

Also see: Dick Nose
Hey did you get anything from math class? No, the teachers a total DN.
by Mr. hen March 31, 2010
display name (often referring to instant messaging)
A guy: "Your dn is weird"
Guy 2:"You're weird."
by chyeah man January 15, 2011
An acronym for dirt nigger and it represents the white trash of black people.
There were a few DN's walking across the street looking for some free chicken at Ezell's.
by The Ancient Mariner July 01, 2006
DEES NUTS. A trick played on an opponent or friend while cutting each other down or just to break the ice. When friens and foes alike have become familiar with the joke it can also be diguised as DELTA force NOVEMBER Rescue.
Have you seen the new DN jeans? Can you pls grab DN for me? When they ask who or what you spring it on them, DEES BALLS.
by PR PWR November 17, 2006
Usually a stick armed asian kid with glasses that ripps people off there, money, with no sense theoratically might be gay also, with a nervous look on his face
(Can be used to describe someone who acts like a Dn also)

Boy: Wheres my money?

A Dn: No wheres my money?

Boy: Fool, you owe me stuff... bitch

A Dn: Better watch your back on the last day of school man

Next day...
A Dn never showed up

Boy:That lil scaredy cat fag, he pulled a dn on me.
by Dnkdnk May 13, 2008

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