A term used as cited above (i.e., obsessed fanthing of the Naruto anime), but also lampooningly employed to refer to a fan of Naru Narusegawa from Ken Akamatsu's manga "Love Hina".
"Lisa is a total Narutard. She's got Naru crap all over her cubicle."

> "Don't you mean 'Naruto crap'?"

"Naru, Naruto--who keeps up with what these silly terms mean, anyway?"
by Teacakes MacGuffin August 26, 2005
Another type of narutard will complain about the Naruto anime because they want to see more super saiyan action. Sorry kiddies, dbz is over.
"Naruto = DBZ"
"ep 2425 99% flashback"
"More flashbacks!"
"This episode fails it."
"All episodes with content to make you feel what the character is feeling fails it"
"Entire Naruto anime fails it"
by growupkids March 31, 2005
Honorary title given to people with little or no taste.
Only a Narutard could adore that Rod Stewart record.
by PiB December 06, 2004
A Wanna be Ninja, who hangs from the polls of Stop Signs and Trees, who tried to help you out but causes much more harm than thought possible. A 15 year old who has a Fan base of idiots.
When your at the supermarket and See some moron Dashing in and Out of the ailes. You ask what is wrong and they say they are trying to join ANBU, like the thing really exist!!.
by Folkan April 19, 2004
Benedict(Itashi), Eric(Chuoji), and Barnabas(Konohamaru/NOOB), all retarded fans of the anime series.
Benedict, Eric, and Noobnabas
by narutard November 09, 2004
Another type of narutard who will complain about the Naruto anime series because they want more super saiyan action. Sorry kids, DBZ is over.
"Naruto = DBZ"
"This episode has 999% flashback"
"This episode fails it"
"Any episode with content to show you how a character is feeling fails it"
"The whole Naruto series fails it"
"I want goku back"
by BananaKitty March 31, 2005

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