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An Eastern smoking pipe designed with a long tube passing through an urn of water that cools the smoke as it is drawn through.

Tobacco smoking was not the original use of hookahs, as there are many examples of hookahs in both art and archeology prior to the arrival of tobacco in the Old World. In this period, the substance most commonly smoked in hookahs was hashish. After tobacco was imported from the Americas in the 1600s, hookah use became more widespread because of tobacco's milder effect.

Opium, previously taken orally and mostly regarded as a medicine, was added to tobacco and smoked from the 1800s onwards. This mixture, called "madak", turned out to be more addictive than orally-ingested opium and created many social problems, especially in China. Although the practice of smoking opium and hashish in hookahs is not extinct, today hookahs are generally used for smoking tobacco, or cannabis.
Ethan: haha I loaded some PCP into Kaleb's hookah after we left.
by Effon April 04, 2007
Another word for Thai Stick, but ultimately it IS: A delicious Thai variety of marijuana, usually wrapped around thin bamboo splints or popsicle-stick slivers fastened with usually hemp string and dried slowly.
Tom: "I just bought some buddha sticks from that colombian guy on our street corner."
David: "neat!"
by Effon March 25, 2007
redneck: n. offensive slang/ stereotype/ includes: an individual from the South Eastern states, a thick southern accent, from a poor family, or background, is a physical laborer, uses smokeless tobacco, listens to country music, is an alcoholic, usually defends their stereotype, drives a truck, involved in sports, is usually a racist, usually a huge bush supporter.

Synonyms: White Trash, Racist, hillybilly, good ol' boy, hick, retard, faggot, moron, conservative, trailer trash, blue collar, ass hole.
Ethan: let's go hang out with Dustin, kaleb, he's got some vodka!
Kaleb: Dude, no..he's a redneck, didn't you hear abou that DUI he got?!
by Effon March 27, 2007
An acronym meaning; No Apparent Reason Boner. When a males penis is erect without stimulation, or arousal.
Today in the gym I was wearing these old sweats with a hole in the crotch, and I got a NARB!
by Effon March 26, 2007

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