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1. not legal
2. not logically admissible
3. without justification
An illegit child: Alan Lau
by bkwok January 27, 2005
The shortened form of illegitimate.

It is the antonym of legit, a slang term that is the shortened form of "legitimate". However, because the word is often replaced for words like cool, awesome, and dope, the sentences it is used in often don't make sense. Therefore, the word legit in some cases may be, in itself, illegit.
Me: Hey man, those shoes are legit.

Pat: Yes, I know that they exist. Your use of legit fails, and is quite illegit.
#legit #legitimate #illegit #illegitimate #exist #slang #awesome #cool
by PitLine September 02, 2008
the only real antonym for the word legit. totally uncool or lame
"that kid is so illegit."
"ya he's so dumb and unccol-like"
#legit #uncool #lame #dumb #stupid
by laquanda defauntioneay November 24, 2009
1) ADJSo fucking weird , disturbing , suspicious, rude, obscene , crude, shitty, crucial, sad, fucked up, or shady.

2) NOUN Beau

3) ADJ opposite of being legit; lack of originality, taste, pleasure, money, and intelligence.

4) VERB to take away one's legitness

1) B-LO was being mad illegit after 5 of those rolls.

2) Work was so illegit playing pool last night.

3) Snitches are so illegit
#legit #rollin #rollin face #legitness #g's up
by Chiptoddmark July 24, 2008
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