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The wrong way to spell "Napoleon Dynamite".
LOLZZ i totally love napolean dynomite!!!!!!1
by Qayla March 30, 2006
53 25
one of the funniest freakin movies I've ever seen
Napolean Dynomite: can you bring my chapstick
Kip: no
Napolean: but my lips hurt real bad!
Kip: ask the nurse I know she has like 5 sticks
Napolean: I'm not using her's you sicko!!!!!
by Eazy J October 21, 2005
28 24
The best movie ever!!!!!!
lets go see napolean dynomite
by Pmintz May 25, 2005
32 41
the worst movie ever made. ever.
gosh, so many kids try to sound like flippin napolean dynamite that it ruined the movie for me.
by nick February 16, 2005
38 47