Naperville, n. A prodigy in the online poker community, notorious for his tournament strategy and uncanny instincts. A Naperville is also known for having great luck. (see greg raymer, GB from the SE, luckbox, chris moneymaker). According to the Law Of Bennett, any Naper in good luck will stay in good luck. To sum up "good, solid poker" play by Naperville, if you are allin preflop against The Naperville, have some anal lube handy... gg
"search for naperville on pokerstars, hes at a final table in $11 rebuy"
"i know, i've been watching since he 2-outed that guy allin preflop for a 750k pot"
"you mean the hand before he dodged 41 outs allin on the flop?"
"No, when the flop was AK4 and he had AA to KK for 900k"
"oh yea, naperville plays good solid poker"
by ross hannay June 27, 2006
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The only city in the entire world where cops outnumber the teenagers.
"Naperville has 5.3 cops per teenager"
by Cullum November 17, 2005
A city known to have an income range slightly less than Beverly Hills but a hell of a lot greater than most the world. While it has an upper class reputation, and not undeservingly, there is a "ghetto" within the city limits. The Naperville Ghetto is a series of apartment buildings that, at last count, contains 100% of the black population of the city.
People live in Naperville!
by Nowhathua! August 07, 2005
A rich, primarily white town, with not much to do. Once reported after you do everything there is to do in Naperville once, there is nothing to do. The public schools are superior to the private ones, and music programs in the public schools are amongst the best in the nation.
Neuqua Valley----> Won the Grammy award for #1 music school in the country.

Frequently asked questions from other schools:

" So do you go to Neuqua?"
" Yeah why?"
" Are you rich?"
by Stephens June 21, 2005
Suburb of Chicago, this large town is known for having some very stuck up kids. Rich white kids running around and spending their parents money. Kids from Naperville will be very sucesful in life, and very rich. Also known for their excellent public schools, and many times named the best place to raise you child.
"your from Naperville? Your rich, right? "
by Janet February 16, 2005
Centenial Beach
Controlled substances

Naperville: Where even the "gangstaz" famliles have a higher average income than the entire city of Detroit.
"Meng, I got off dat bus today, an' some honkey tole' me dat mah shoes was 'so last year'!"

"Fo-shizzle, bra? Dem shoes be 1975 Palmiotti's, Leather Edition!"


"Dayum, it be hard to be a gangsta 'round Naperville meng."

by Lololzorz October 22, 2006
Great town to raise a family. Downtown naperville is beautiful and built up nicely over the years. Great schools and community involvement.
"Oh good old Naper-THRILL"
by Dee McCarthy May 31, 2005
1. the next big reality TV show.
2. the new O.C. and Laguna Beach
1. -so when is the new episode of Naperville coming out?
- i dont know but i hope soon. those kids are so rich and lucky, i wish i could live there
2. - naperville is more wealthy than them, nough said.
by randomlypointles November 01, 2006

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