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A time of relaxation, not necessarily a sleep. Just a time where you can lie down and recuperate.
Im going to watch a film and nap
by PotteroftheLynne March 13, 2012
19 8
One of the most esteemed and ancient organizations in the modern world. The N.A.P (Notorious Ass Pirates) have but one primary function; the finding of female ass. The internet, the mall, nowhere is safe from the harsh eyes of the N.A.P. The N.A.P's scale leaves no female ass out, and tells no little white lie. The N.A.P's grading scale is as follows:

1- Flat
2- Barely Noticable
3- Average
4- Round
5- Tear-inducing

(Only the purest and most immaculate asses ever in existance bless'd by Heaven's mighty angels have ever recieved the 5 rating. Unfortunately, though 3 is average, most girls fall to a 2.)

The Notorious Ass Pirates, although appreciative of the female ass, still view females mostly as mere sex objects. Though no female is left out of the grading scale, the members of the N.A.P swear an oath to never have any contact with an ass below a 3.
N.A.P rates you 1, ugly.
N.A.P rates you 5, now suck my dick.
by N.A.P July 12, 2006
24 13
Negro Anal Penetration. And number 9 on the Doikstra Scale.
I think he wants a little N.A.P.
by Doikstra November 20, 2007
10 6
To (intentionally) sleep for a short period of time; doze

"A day without a nap is like a cupcake without frosting."
- Terri Guillemets
Oh, if only I'd known what a blessing nap time was back when I was younger!
by thecatqueen March 25, 2014
1 0
The act of coercing a partner of the opposite sex into a bed or other location for the purpose of noms, nomming, and other nom related activities.
Hey, do you want to go take a nap?
by theSmoochywolv August 04, 2010
14 13
New American Protestant, or New Age Protestant.

One of those Evangelical Christians who for whatever reason (maybe because they're left leaning or young or individualistic or don't know any better) don't want to be referred to as Evangelical or Charismatic or whatever. Often they will refer to their religion as "Non-denominational" or just "Christian"
I'm tired of the French Ravine. I've got to stop dating all these NAP girls and find someone who's . . . I dunno, kinda dirty or something.
by Moralizer April 24, 2010
8 9
Short term slang for "Naptown" aka Indianapolis, IN. Can also be called N.A.P or the NAP.
X: I need to move to the hardest city in the world.
Y: You must be referring to the NAP...
X: Obviously
by sugar dick mcgee June 15, 2010
23 25