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Defence of the Ancients
A Warcraft 3 map originally made by a guy calling himself Eul, who left the map to be edited by others.
The flow of new stuff coming to the latest, and most popular version of DotA, DotA Allstars has been rather slow lately, but still many people play this map, both in public games and in private clan games. It is not hard to find a DotA game with players of your own skill level.

What more can be said about DotA is that the word pawned is used in a way that makes people think that it's the same as pwnd, meaning owned. The word pwnd hardly comes from DotA though. Also shorts, like GG (meaning Good Game) and B (meaing pull back) are overused by some players.

DotA is fun, if you play it with the right person/people.
However, many people play DotA to annoy people that really want to play the map and have fun.
"An enemy has picked Goblin Techies"
Techies buy 6 Ironwood Branches and run to the middle of the map, dropping all of them. Then he runs towards the closest enemy tower, blowing himself up.
Player with Techies writes: "GG i leave, DotA is for n00bs!"
Player with Techies leaves the game.
by debleckdeth July 14, 2006
French version of noob.
French people often use the sentance: "lyl nap"
This is self-experience from my gaming.
I dont think that "nap" is a real french word.
French player has joined the game >_<
French player: lyl nap!
French player: lyl nap!
French player: lyl nap!
French player: lyl nap!
French player: lyl nap!
French player: lyl nap!
French player: lyl nap!
French player has died.
by debleckdeth August 30, 2006
French version of lol (laughing out loudly)
Its true! French people often use it. (gaming)
you suck, lyl nap
by debleckdeth August 30, 2006

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