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someone who can't mind there own business and always asks questions about you...
Jess is being a huge Nancy Drew. She sucks.
#annoying #bother #question #durp #spy
by Brianissweet August 18, 2007
nancy drew: secrets can kill.
nancy drew: the secret of shadow ranch.
nancy drew: the curse of blackmoor manor.
nancy drew: the final scene.
nancy drew: message in a haunted mansion.

and so many others.
i like to play nancy drew.
#computer nerd #scene kid #estupido #sup #cool.
by leita December 28, 2006
(verb) to "Nancy Drew" something is to solve a mystery or puzzle.
When Steffany finnaly found her way to the Baskin Robin's after hours of searching, she happily proclaimed, "I Nancy Drewed that s***."
#solve #answer #decipher #decode #crack
by Annie Chiorazzi January 11, 2008
when a person snoops around and finds out everything about you which may really piss you off.
note anyone with a computer can be a potential nancy drew
man: hows old wife number 3 going

you: but i only got married twice
man: no you didnt
you: did you go all nancy drew on me

man: ...
you: i knew it you asshole don talk to me
#nancy #drew #snoops #computer #asshole
by person #952999 December 08, 2009
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