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jamaican word for allright
don cry woman everyting be ire
by Lectric rain November 14, 2003
the feeling of being high,
not necessarily the climax.
If you are ire, you are high on ganja and preferably listening to reggae music with your loved ones in the commune of nature, the temple of peace and love. Also can mean happy, content, and
connected to the positive energy of the universe, usually comming from a live music jam or spiritual location.
"ire i unite"
Is the call for the international community of marijuana smokers to unite against the evil forces of Babylon
and create G*d's universal kindgom of one love, peace, and enlightened conduct (justice) here on Mother Earth.
by unoamorconquistador August 23, 2005
'I'd rather eat shit'.

slang abbreviation used to express how much you don't want to do something.
'You want me to watch Nash Grier with you? ires!'
by internetawakening July 08, 2015
Short for "I are" which is slang for "I am."
"There's no tellin' what I'm go'n do/ Baby I're about to show you/ What you been missin' in your li-i-i-ife when I get inside"

-Jamie Foxx, Blame It
by ska-douche April 19, 2010
---I have friends whom are of Jamaican, Haitian, and South African descent respectively. They do use the term "ire" in the same fashion to all of the prior posts to mine.

But, I suspected this, and at least through them; that they also use it in a different condanation. They also use it when they are 'Ire" as in feeling irate, irrated. I have asked them personally; and have witnessed their reactions they are expressing while under diress.

They have explained to me when I inquired just to find out for myself; that it has a dual meaning; for them at least. I am not sure how prevelant this is in regard to statistical determinations. But, this is what they told me. They surely used it freely and openly while seriously irritaded and upset. So, in a nutshell, from what I have seen, it is for some a dual meeting term.
It is similar to the Non Racist Trad Skins. (or at least it used to when it was more participated in.) In addition, other groups such as S.H.A.R.P.'s (S.kinheads A.gainst R.acial P.rejudice.); when they use the dual meaning term of 'Suss". It can mean to engage in "sussing one out", or "seeing if they have the "suss."; in order to determine another's validity to the subculture whether they're "poseurs" ; or the "real deal." It can also commonly be heard from conception used as "He's got the "suss" ; in turn, insinuating a seemingly sounding contradictory statement as it would mean to "declare, question and affirm" anothers' validity. To be suspect.

Hope this makes sense and be helpful to some. sorry for the length; just wanted to state and look forward to any feedback regarding the meaning of this term/verbal expression "ire."
by Dr.Know April 21, 2006
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