When people define a name of there boyfriend,girlfriend or themselves and write about how amazing they are.
Name Definition: Evan is the coolest and most awesome person ever!!!

Random Guy: I know a guy named evan who is a DICK!!!
by Cookiey Monster Flag December 31, 2011
Top Definition
Something that plagues this site and has for a long time.

Most name definitions are exactly the same. Someone name a definition after someone's first or full name and then makes the definition one of two things...

1. A personal attack against someone with that name.

2. Massive praise for someone with that name, usually the person who made the definition.
1. (name) is an evil person who will always stab you in the back, they're fat and disgusting and nobody loves them.

2. (name) is a totally awesome person who loves everyone and can always be trusted.

Name definitions are always that bad, always. Please don't publish them if you are an editor.
by deathwish124 May 14, 2009
a really annoying thing that happens a whole lot. For some reason people have the habit for writing definitions for names.

Ex. Bob is the most caring, athletic, cool guy you will ever know. he is also (insert other random bullshit).

really? I didn't know Bob was all of those things. In fact I know a guy named Bob and he's a DICK.

Now you see why name definitions can backfire and have no use?
Name definitions are never going to end. oh well.
by 1266828 November 18, 2010
The definitions that people post here on Urban Dictionary which are utterly pointless, considering most of the time a name will not define an individuals intelligence, attractiveness or personality.
Examples of name definitions:

Bob- A sweet boy who luvs you forever and is smart and handsome and he is sweet OMGGG <3

(whereas in realife there is a man named Bob who is fat and stupid and rude)
by StevLCanival October 19, 2011
The saddest and most pathetic things on the internet
by jjr51802 February 05, 2014
It's often a stuffy, full of crap definition made up by some geek hundreds of years ago. If the name Chastity meant "one of pure action" in the 1600s, today it means, "hot-ass stripper who swings on a pole." Name definitions change with the way society interprets them. Old name definitions are worthless.
Hey Jayden, I used the namememes website to look up your name. While it says your name means "warrior of justice", it also says the average person finds your name pretentious and douchie. I guess your traditional name definition doesn't mean shit!
by sundownr01 December 27, 2011
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