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The spanish word for BUTTCHEECKS, not the ass. Culo is spanish for ASS.
Julie has jiggly nalgas.
by pink panties January 23, 2006
Spanish slang for ass, butt.
¡la heina tiene una nalga fina!
by asciident December 27, 2003
Translation of this term is BUTT
I like the way you touch my nalgas.

Dame por las nalgas!!!!
by jako July 26, 2003
a fine latina ass
damn homez! look at the nalga on that chica!
by Pablo Picasso June 29, 2003
The Spanish word for "butt.'
You really smell like nalga.
by OMGLOLJK June 10, 2009
1. The spanish word that defines the buttocks
2. A word commonly used by hispanics to describe anything bad or that smells bad
1. I want to Squeeze her nalgas.
2. Dude thats so fucking NALGAS!
3. Did you smell rodrigo he smells nalgas.
by Nalgototas March 14, 2008
Spanish meaning of ass or butt.
Gahhhh damn Margaret did you see Deejai had all his nalgas over Instagram?
by Nalgas queen November 25, 2013

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